Why 49 Faces?

As wilderness guides, we have both met many who think of a trip to Alaska as an adventure of a lifetime.  However, the most interesting people we’ve met are those who seek a lifetime of Alaska adventures. These Alaskans seek inspiration in the wilds of the last Frontier. They craft lines across remote tundra, up and down sheer mountain faces, through forbidden gorges and along rugged coastlines. These journeys shape their identities as mushers, alpinists, skiers, and paddlers. Their wilderness experiences inspire their creative spirits as artists, photographers, scientists, inventors, woodworkers, and writers.

This project is unlike other Alaskan guide books or biographies, because it takes you into the personal stories of Alaskan adventurers, as though you were sitting around a campfire sipping on a hot mug or an icy beer with them yourself. It takes a special approach to coax these humble, soft-spoken people to share their amazing experiences in the wildest country on the planet. Being Alaskan is about much more than technical skills or accomplishments, it’s about a lifestyle.

We want to coax stories of amazing experiences from these people, many who are humble and soft-spoken in spite of their incredible accomplishments. We hope to capture the essence of tales told around a campfire sipping on a hot mug,  shared between partners on an icy bivvy ledge, or replayed over icy beers on a river bank .

And why 49?  It was a natural choice for Alaska, the 49th state and the last frontier.