Thanks to our Supporters!

Thanks to our Supporters!

Just a few minutes before the 49 Faces Kickstarter campaign ended at 1:53 pm Alaska time today, two more people added their names as backers. When the countdown ticked down to 0:00, we were disappointed that our project was not fully funded. We were also thankful for the generous outpouring of support from the 54 people who pledged more than $3200 towards our interactive iBook project.

Since Kickstarter funding is all or none, all the pledges are cancelled. We don’t get the money, and our backers don’t get all the cool incentives we offered on the Kickstarter campaign. They all do receive our sincere gratitude for their gracious willingness to support our creative endeavor.

As promised, we entered the names of everyone who pledged support on Kickstarter into a drawing for a four-hour raft trip for two people on the scenic wilderness and whitewater canyon sections of the Nenana River for the 2014 season.  We thank Bill “Buckwheat” Overington and Louise Lovrich, owners of Denali Outdoor Center, for their generous donation of this trip in support of our project. The 33 people who pledged between $1 and $49 had their names in the helmet once.  Seven supporters who pledged between $50 and $99 had two chances to win.  The 14 people who pledged  $100 or more had their names entered 4 times.  Watch our thank you video to learn which of the 103 names was the lucky winner!

Not all adventures turn out like we hope they will. We are still excited about the journey and experience gained along the way. Adele and I are committed to continue developing the 49 Faces of Alaskan Adventure iBook project. Without receiving any funds from our Kickstarter campaign, our paths may take new directions. The route may be longer than we expected. That’s the nature of many Alaskan adventures.

We continue to build an enthusiastic, supportive community around our project. Our Facebook community page has grown to more that 550 in the past six weeks.  Posts on our Facebook page reached 4500 people in the last week of September.  Most visitors care deeply about experiencing wilderness and sharing adventure stories.

Our audience and the market for our multimedia iBook project will continue to grow. The stories of real Alaskans and their adventures in the wild lands they love deserve to be told.  We hope you will be a part of our community and follow us on our journey.

Keep playing hard and living large!

John and Adele

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