Moving Ahead with 49 Faces

Moving Ahead with 49 Faces

The 49 Faces Project keeps moving ahead. As we move from fall into winter, we continue to build a supportive community around our project.

New Website Address

We’ve moved our website to a new server and domain: . All of the old links to articles on now point to the new site. We appreciate all of our supporters who have shared our project with friends. While all of the links you have shared still work, the Facebook “Like Count” on articles was reset when we moved the site. Some of our featured faces and articles ( The Next Generation, for instance ) had accumulated hundreds of Facebook “likes”. Feel free to revisit your favorite site content and “like” them again.


You can now subscribe to an e-mail newsletter to keep up to date on the 49 Faces of Alaskan Adventure Project.  Scroll to the bottom of the page, and submit your name and e-mail address to join our mailing list. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail to opt in with a single click, along with a welcome message.


Several of our backers from our incompletely funded Kickstarter project have expressed interest in making donations to support our project.  We have added a PayPal Donation button to the sidebar on News articles and Featured Faces pages. We will soon announce sponsorship levels and will credit those who donate in the book.


We recently shared the story of our project at the first PechaKucha Night at the University of Alaska Pub. PechaKucha 20 x 20 is a presentation with 20 slides which show for 20 seconds each. The accompanying talk is exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Anyone can present on any topic.  Look for an upcoming link to a recorded version of our PechaKucha presentation.

New Faces

We recently interviewed adventurous Alaskan sisters Heidi Rader and Krista Heeringa. Krista is embarking on a seven month world tour with her husband, Nate. Heidi and her husband, Chris, just began the new adventure of parenthood with the arrival of their daughter, Kinsey.  Heidi will be the next Featured Face on our website. Watch for her upcoming bio.

Sisters Krista Heeringa and Heidi Rader

Sisters Krista Heeringa and Heidi Rader



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