The Final Funding Push

The Final Funding Push

The 49 Faces Kickstarter Project enters it’s final few days. We are incredible grateful for the generous support of our  Kickstarter backers. Forty-six backers have pledged an average of $65 each for a total of just over $3000 dollars.

We have until 1:53 pm Alaska time on Wednesday, October 2nd to reach our goal of $7800, or we don’t get any of the pledges. If we don’t get fully funded, our backers won’t receive the project incentives.  They will get our sincere thanks and will all be eligible for our drawing for a four-hour whitewater rafting trip for two on the Nenana River with Denali Outdoor Center.

We’ve been plotting progress towards our goal with a virtual Denali West Buttress climb. In this analogy, we are now at the 12,270 foot level.  We are on the “Polo Field” and heading toward Windy Corner. This is 43% of the elevation gain between Kahiltna base camp and the summit. It’s time to kick it into alpine climbing mode, and go light and fast in the style of many of our featured faces.

Tim Mowry’s article about the 49 Faces project in the Outdoor section of the Friday, September 27 Daily News Miner helped us gain some momentum. Last week alone our Facebook page reached over 4,400 people.

Please share our project with your friends. If you haven’t already, please consider making a pledge to the support project. And, if you are an Alaskan, remember that Permanent Fund Dividends come out this week!



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