49 Faces Donor Drawing – Win a Rafting Trip down the Nenana

49 Faces Donor Drawing – Win a Rafting Trip down the Nenana

With only two weeks left in our Kickstarter campaign, we want to motivate you to help fund our project. EVERYONE that contributes to this Kickstarter campaign will be entered into the drawing to win a gift certificate for 2 people to raft the Nenana River Canyon half day trip (valued at $254), good for summer 2014.


The more you contribute, the better chances you have:

1 ticket= Donations of $49 and under

2 ticket= Donations of $99 and under

4 ticket= Donations of $100 and more

Thank you to Denali Outdoor Center for the generous trip donation! This 4 hour excursion combines the Scenic Wilderness stretch and the rapids of the Canyon Run. Enjoy 23 miles of Alaska’s scenic beauty and hit over 10 major rapids for a complete morning or afternoon of river running.



Win a rafting trip down the Nenana!


  1. Nice talking with you about this the other night John. Good Luck! Where should the check go?

    • Hi, Kelley! Thanks for supporting us and joining us at our BBQ last Friday. To back the project on Kickstarter, go to this link http://bit.ly/kick49faces. Click the green button that says “Back this Project”. Credit card info goes to secure Amazon server. You won’t be charged until after October 2. If we don’t reach our funding goal by then, nobody gets charged anything, and we don’t get any of the pledges. Folks who pledge will still be eligible for the Denali Outdoor Center Raft trip drawing.

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