John Schauer

John is a creative consultant, experienced educator, and the crafty wizard behind Think Far Beyond . He has developed websites for Alaskan educational institutions, small businesses and non-profits since the late 1990′s. John has more than 30 years of experience as an Alaskan educator, teaching natural science, multimedia, graphic design, and computer networking courses. He enjoys the challenge of staying current on trends in educational technology, web design, new media communications, and social media integration strategies.   John also provides training to educators in enhancing teaching and learning with technology. His expertise includes creating project-based  learning experiences with mobile devices and in developing media-rich content optimized for the iPad and iPhone.

John has worked for 25 seasons as a wilderness guide for a Fairbanks-based outfitter, leading remote backpacking and river trips. He is adept at meeting the specialized needs of each client, at patiently training people in environments beyond their comfort zones, and of understanding the importance of cultivating professional relationships that offer optimal experiences to every individual.

John is an avid nordic skier, ski-jorer, and whitewater kayaker. His wife, Karen, and their sons, Paul and Karl, share John’s love of exploring Alaska’s wild rivers and mountains.