49 Faces of Alaskan Adventure – Coming your way soon!

49 Faces of Alaskan Adventure – A media-rich iBook highlighting Alaskan adventurers, their magical places and defining moments.

This enhanced digital iPad book will include video vignettes, landscape imagery, and profiles of Alaskans whose lives are shaped by their passions to explore the wildest places in North America. The creative spirits of these adventurers are reflected in their daily lives and by the challenging wilderness paths they envision and realize.  They craft lines across remote tundra, up and down sheer mountain faces, through forbidden gorges and along rugged coastlines. These journeys shape their identities as mushers, alpinists, skiers, and paddlers. Defining moments experienced pursuing their wild dreams also shape the creative lives of these artists, photographers, scientists, inventors, woodworkers, and writers. They need no hype. Humility garnered from pushing personal limits in the Alaskan wild often conceals their bold visions, driven egos, and extreme competences. Their stories flow among fellow adventurers inside storm-bound tents, perched on wind-blown bivvy ledges, beside flickering riverside flames, and over cold beers. Glance into the souls of women and men inspired by magical Alaskan landscapes.